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Delta Force Bracket

Delta Force are the latest state-of-the-art brackets that can work twice as fast as conventional brackets.

Delta Force’s Bracket System is uniquely designed so as to allow the doctor to control the friction between the arch wire and the bracket using various ligations. By varying ligature placement, the doctor gains increased control of the sliding mechanics. 

When used in conjunction with bio-efficient, heat-activated arch wires, Delta Force brackets unlock a patient treatment time twice as fast as conventional brackets.

Indirect Bonding

The big advantage of indirect bonding is the accuracy of bracket placement.

Both dentists and patients may favor this method thanks to its:

  • Reduced appointment time (You can complete an entire bond up in 1 session)
  • Increased measurement accuracy (the lab has measured and precisely positioned each bracket)

To maximize your time savings, Triple O’s indirect bonding matrix is cut into separate sections for each dental arch to allow for ultra-easy bracket placement.

Mouth Guards

Triple O offers mouth guards for those with and without fixed braces.

Typically, mouth guards for those with braces present a unique problem: the guard needs to be strong enough to provide security to the user during physical sports, but flexible enough to allow for orthodontic movement.

Triple O specializes in creating orthodontic mouth guards that strike this delicate balance.