Transforming Dental Care

Since our founding in Gainesville, Texas, in 2004, our mission has been to collaborate with dentists to innovate the specialized appliances they need.

By considering the latest maxillofacial orthopedic research alongside orthodontic expertise, our team works with you to diagnose and treat even the most challenging cases that enter your practice.

Something To Smile About

Triple O offers a full orthodontic laboratory services for a wide range of skeletal and dental malocclusions, including:

  • TMJ disorder & facial pain
  • Incorrect jaw development
  • Correction of skeletal Class II & Class III
  • Orthodontic malocclusions

To remedy these problems, we offer both fixed and removable orthodontic and orthopedic appliances, as well as individualized case assessments.

Our specialties are in Light Wire Appliances and invisible orthodontic aligners, like SmileTRU.

Meet Our Team

Dr. Livier Carreon-Truitt

Dr. Livier Carreon-Truitt

General Manager, Orthopedics, Orthodontics & TMD

 Vicky Robles

Vicky Robles

Office Manager

Marizol Enriquez

Marizol Enriquez

Supply Department

Dana Stiles

Dana Stiles

Lead Laboratory Technologist

Start a Case Consultation

Our lab is proud to offer both audio and written consultations provided by a specialist orthodontist.

In these interactions, our specialists conduct an individualized case assessment, offer treatment assistance, and advise on sequencing the treatment.

The doctor should provide the following:

  • Study models
  • Cephalometric x-ray
  • Intraoral & extra oral photographs
  • Panoramic x-ray — standard or digital
  • Patient history
  • TMJ x-rays if (indicated)

We accept all files in standard or digital format.

Consultations include:

    • Two Rimler Elite cephelametrictracings in full color
    • Schwarz-Korkhaus model analysis
    • Rx for any required appliances
    • Interpretation of all x-rays, including views of the TMJs
    • Audio Initial Consult: $250 US Dollars
    • Written Initial Consult: $100 US Dollars
    • Consult Updates: $100 US Dollars


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