Highly Customized Orthopedic and Orthodontic Appliances To Grow Your Practice.

Our orthodontic laboratory creates pioneering solutions that allow you to treat even the most complex cases in-house.

How Triple O Can Help

Never turn away a patient in-need again.

By leveraging:

  • Groundbreaking research in the orthodontic field
  • Decades of orthopedic expertise (including cephalometric analysis)
  • Deeply sophisticated 3D scanning and printing technology

Our specialists can provide a full case diagnosis and complete appliance selection and adjustment analysis for any case that walks through your door.

Here are just a few of the diagnostic workups we offer:


Full color cephalometric tracing & analysis


Schwarz-Korkhaus cast analysis


Interpretation of all X-rays

○ Including views of the TMJs


In-depth treatment plans

○ Written/audio format available

We Believe In Raising The Standard For Orthodontic Care. 


To do that, treatment planning, sequencing, and execution are of utmost importance, and grounded in an excellent initial

Our lab collaborates with you to develop deeply specialized solutions adapted to your existing and future patients.

These exceptional appliances not only position you as a leader in your industry, but allow you to expand your practice and the type of patient you serve.

Appliance Design

Indirect Bonding

Delta Force Brackets

Triple O Offerings


The majority of appliances detailed below are flexible solutions. They can be customized to be removable, banded, or bonded, depending on patient needs.

Dentists working with Triple O often find better patient results, since this flexibility nullifies common compliance problems.


Discover the full range of appliances Triple O Lab has to offer in a variety of designs & colors.
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Indirect Bonding

Leverage the most accurate bracket placement using indirect bonding for your orthodontic patients.
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Mouth Guards

Provide special orthodontic mouth guards in a range of designs, including if your patient has fixed braces.
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Delta Force Bonding

Twice as fast as conventional brackets, the Delta Force System unlocks a new level of care for your patients.
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Molar Bands

Access a range of molar band kits for your orthodontic needs and customized to your requirements.
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In Pursuit of Holistic Solutions

Dr. Livier Carreon Truitt holds 22 years experience as a specialist orthodontist, having extensively worked in the use and application of clear aligners throughout her career. 

As the General Manager of Triple O’s laboratory (the only major lab to have a specialist orthodontist as GM), Dr. Livier is proud to extend her decades of expertise to all those working with Triple O on appliances for their patients. 

By combining orthopedic and orthodontic knowledge together, Dr. Livier is confident even the most extreme and complex dental problems can be remedied to both patient and practitioner’s satisfaction.